Purposeful Art Elevating Consciousness

Seek Unity is proud to introduce the newest release of the text-based sculptures. “Shadow Thoughts” are original wall sculpture which incorporate an environments existing light to illuminate the additional message revealed in the artworks’ shadow. The welded steel nails are used to construct simple words that become statements about perception and experiences in our world. The use of “words as objects” merge the information age into the craft of artwork/viewer interaction. This participation on the part of both the viewer and the environment’s existing light develop an individualized symbiotic relationship. The moment a person sees the relationship between the (shadow) and the real time (light) that they are standing in something special happens: “an internal experiential cognition” occurs. This feeling reinforces the authenticity of the artwork and the person’s perception. Then an additional awareness unfolds with the combination of the steel, light and shadow which heightens our sensitivity to the environment and to the deeper meaning in the artwork.